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Making It Matter

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Your eyes slowly open. From the sliver of daylight peeking through the curtains on your bedroom window it must be just about time to wake up. Do you stretch, breathe in a deep breath and put your feet on the floor? Or do you roll over, hunker under the covers and pretend you didn’t see the daylight?

Doesn’t matter.

The alarm will do its job sooner or later. Zzzzzzzz.

Driving to work, traffic is backed up…again. A car on your right is signaling to move over into your lane. Do you ease off the accelerator and motion your hand to invite them to get ahead of you? Or do you look the other way and speed up to the bumper of the car in front of you?

Doesn’t matter.

You need to get to work and fast- since you rolled over earlier to catch some more zzz’s.

Home again and what a relief. Now for some “me” time. Do you fix yourself some grilled chicken and veggies, put on some soft music and start reading a few pages of an inspiring book? Or do you order pizza delivered, plop down in your comfy chair to watch your favorite TV show that’s on tonight?

Doesn’t matter.

After a tiring day, you have to relax somehow.

Our daily habits seem inconsequential. But habits are what make us who we are. They are choices we make without thinking of the consequences.

What if you did think about it?

What if you made it matter and made a different choice next time?

You may just find a more enjoyable result.

“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.”

Joe Vitale

Is Space the Final Frontier?

Monday, October 29th, 2012

You may recognize the phrase "space, the final frontier" from old television episodes of Star Trek. Reaching Mars has re-energized the interest in space travel, yet there is a mostly undiscovered galaxy much closer than Mars and the moon.

The galaxy of the mind. As we looked at different aspects of our mind over the last few days, have you realized you still have much to learn about the vastness of that space between your ears?

The intellectual faculties describe your mind's powers that go beyond the six senses provided to you by your body. As humans, our mind is specially equipped to notice and process information, sometimes consciously and many times, subconsciously.

Maybe where you are today, the skies are gray and you are experiencing the effects of that mammoth storm.Your subconscious mind sets up the scenario before your conscious mind knows what’s happening.

You get out of bed a little more slowly.

Your eyes are drooping.

You reach into your closet and put on a blue shirt.

There’s no conscious reason for your gray mood, is there? It’s just how your subconscious mind is advising you to feel.

Your morning commute is filled with erratic drivers that cut you off and get in your way.

You struggle to find a parking place.

You drop your brief case in a puddle as you juggle your keys and coffee cup.

What a day you’re having!

At lunchtime, you leave the dreariness of your office, the ringing telephones and your irritating co-workers. Without much conscious thought, you walk down the block and into Jose’s, a local restaurant. A subconscious salsa craving must have drawn you there!

Inside, the walls are painted golden yellow with accents of bright terracotta red. Your mood suddenly improves. It was a color craving that guided you there!

You are surrounded by color that, somewhere in your subconscious mind, holds a pleasant memory. Warmth, vacation, delicious food. Whatever the color cues, your subconscious mind again takes control of your attitude. You no longer see a gray day.

Terry Trucco explains the power of our sub-conscious to create the environment we need. “The colors we crave are often a direct reaction against those that surrounded us most recently.” Positive color feelings have transformed your attitude and your experience of the day.

Attitude is always the composite of your thoughts, your feelings and your actions. This trio is responsible for producing your results. Let’s look at how closely the three are linked.

Your sense of sight notified your conscious mind the morning sky was grey. The subconscious mind, the seat of the feelings, is most alert upon awakening. It associated the grey sky with a feeling of being down. Perhaps as a child you heard “grey days are depressing” and out of habit you react this way. The conscious mind, the thinking mind, went along with the feeling, as it usually does, and produced thoughts to create the down feeling.

Thoughts – feelings – actions – results.

You say to yourself (thought), “I’m so tired”.

You are less energetic (feeling).

You move more slowly (action).

You’re running late for work (result).

Similar thoughts soon follow.

“I don’t want to be noticed today.”

You feel insignificant. You pick the blue shirt. You don’t plan on accomplishing much today.

“These drivers are out to get me.”

You feel aggressive and weave and cut through traffic, narrowly escaping being the cause of an accident.

“There’s never enough parking.” 

You feel out of control and find no place to park in the closest parking lot. Now you’re very late for work.

“I really need to clean out this briefcase.”

You feel disorganized. Kerplunk! You drop it into a puddle. You’ll have to redo the report inside.

“I work with a bunch of incompetents.”

You feel trapped by your job and scowl as you answer the phone. A good customer comments to your boss about your poor attitude.

“I need a change of scenery.”

You feel the need to escape and leave for lunch earlier than normal. You breathe a sigh of relief as you are drawn to a positive dose of color that improves your outlook.

Each thought you created in your conscious mind, reinforced the first feeling by the subconscious mind that morning. Your thoughts determined the actions you took, and those actions manifested as the results you experienced.

A good day, or a bad day, is entirely up to you.

Let’s take another look at the cloudy grey morning and how to get different results through the use of your intellectual faculties.

The perception of your mood is your cue to think about where the feeling is coming from. If it's just an irrelevant, habitual thought, you choose to not think it. Be good to yourself today.

There is no logical reason not to feel great today. It’s only the weather condition, not yours.

Access your memory for something that makes your feel good. Positive memories far outnumber the negative ones. Remember jumping in the puddles as a child?

You are able to imagine the sky brilliant blue. Just above the clouds, it still is. Start imagining where your next flight will take you.

Intuition tells you by wearing a bright color today, your mood will improve. And by driving to the second parking lot, there will always be a place to park.

Use your will to focus on what you will accomplish today.

Before you leave home, you get your day back on the right track. The inconveniences and irritations that you habitually experienced with your old way of thinking, won’t be a part of today.

Awareness is the first step in creating new thoughts, positive feelings, and more productive actions that lead to the results you want.

Only you can allow a thought into that final frontier of space, your glorious mind.


"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom."

Viktor E. Frankl

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