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Thought Exchange

Sunday, May 18th, 2014

DavidFriedmanToday I was a participant in a workshop put on by renowned composer and author, David Friedman. Taken from information in his groundbreaking book, The Thought Exchange, David outlined how our minds are conditioned to think the same thoughts over and over. Thoughts we have sometimes believed as truth since childhood.

Yet as adults, we are frustrated when our lives do not improve no matter how hard we work to produce new results. The disconnect occurs because we are using the same old thoughts about what is possible in our lives.

In order to change our results, we must start with changing, or more precisely “exchanging” our thoughts. We are conditioned to believe what we think about something is the only thought possible for us. It is our belief, our truth. In reality there are unlimited numbers of thoughts that are possible.

Do you think you are incapable of doubling your income?

Do you think you will never find your soul mate?

Do you think opportunities have passed you by?

Imagine you can take that long held thought you have back to the store and exchange that thought for a new one.

What? How is that possible? I know, that thought of yours may not look so good, but it is comfortable and has served you well. It has kept you safely where you are, if not happy.

Just like trying on a new pair of shoes, selecting a new thought about what is possible for you will create some physical sensations. There’s a rub on the heel, it pushes on your little toe. It feels uncomfortable.

If you exchange your old thought of “I can’t” to a new thought of “I can,” you will feel uncomfortable. A knot in your stomach. Your heart may race. You may feel nauseous. You will want to revert back to those comfortable old shoes.

Hold the new thought. Stay with the sensations. Allowing yourself to feel the uncomfortable sensations is the key to taking on a new thought about yourself. Positive thinking feels good in the moment, but a lasting change of thought requires acknowledging those uncomfortable sensations and proceeding anyway.

Whatever you see in your world is a reflection of the thoughts you have about yourself. When you look in a mirror, if you do not like the color shirt you see, do not expect the mirror to change it. Only you have the power to exchange your thoughts to reflect a new belief about yourself.

“When we were able to be with our sensations, infinite possibilities opened up.” David Friedman



Seeing Yourself Clearly?

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

Geoffrey Bradfield, a celebrated Interior Designer of international acclaim, adopted as his motto a quote from Oscar Wilde.

 “There is an art to living-

that life itself is, in fact, the first, the greatest, of the arts.”

In describing interior environments of his design, Bradfield explains that his work creates “a backdrop for our lifestyles, to enhance and illustrate the way we choose to live”. The home interiors Bradfield successfully designs mirror his clients’ lifestyle. When the spaces are a true reflection of their inhabitants, the art to living, that greatest of the arts, occurs naturally, comfortably.

As the creator of the “backdrop of your lifestyle”, each day you choose the personal environment of your clothing, the vehicle you drive, your home surroundings, and your work environment. The artistic medium you work with to create your surroundings on the visual plain is color.

You need not be an artist in the sense of a painter or sculptor to create. A subtle creative process starts the moment you open your eyes and you realize your “Youness”.  

As you rub the sleep out of your eyes and leave the reverie of your dream, are you smiling as you greet your day? Or, as you catch a glimpse of yourself in the bathroom mirror, do you close your eyes to the person you see?

How you see yourself is the biggest determining factor in how you are perceived to others. Are you portraying the true reflection of who you are, or does your mirror reflect the image of an imposter?

Being aware that you control your personal environment is the first step in making the changes to guarantee your success. 

Maxwell Maltz, in his book “Psycho-Cybernetics”, writes “all your actions, feelings, behavior, even your abilities, are always consistent with self image.” He goes on to explain, “By understanding your self image and by learning to modify it and manage it to suit your purposes, you gain incredible confidence and power.”

In other words, your level of success in life stops at the level of comfort you have with yourself. Why cap your success because uncertainties about your self image?

If you’re looking to boost the success you feel, first be comfortable with yourself.

Being comfortable with yourself is not the same as the feeling you have wearing your old blue jeans and oversized sweatshirt. Comfort with your self image is deeper than clothing level, below skin level. It starts at mind level.  

Start with being clear about who you are.

You are different than anyone else.

Begin with self acceptance.

Celebrate your uniqueness.

Self-confidence means you have belief in yourself.


The person we believe ourselves to be will always act in a manner consistent with our self-image”.                                                             Brian Tracy

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