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Friday By Any Other Name

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Color schemes and combinations have always described various Holidays. I just read an article about the Thanksgiving color palette. Seasonal and comforting. Soon red and green will replace the gold and orange of the harvest season. But this week we have also have a day dedicated to everyone's favorite non-color, black.

Black Friday is on the lips and on the sale flyers of advertisers everywhere. At this time of the year that reminds us to be grateful and to share all that we have, before the leftover turkey is cold, we run to stores and to the computer or iPad to acquire even more.  Through our efforts, commerce is emboldened before the end of the year, and the term Black Friday aptly describes the day of transition from red ink to black ink on the bottom line of retail outlets. Bean counters rejoice.

Black Friday even has a uniform of the day. And of course, it's black. Black sweatpants, leggings or jeans ensure a comfortable shopping experience and are rugged enough to survive the narrow escapes from errant shopping carts and the sprints down aisle three for the four AM time limited bargains.

The drink of the day is also black- coffee, the blacker the better. Black Friday takes stamina, endurance, and nerves of steel that only this inky beverage can deliver. Double espresso if you dare. True believers forgo the latte till the end of the hunt.

And let's not forget the Black Friday mask. From lack of sleep and the frenzied pace, out pop dramatic black circles under the eyes. As sweat accumulates on the determined brow,  mascara runs down the face, extending the signature mask's visage below the cheeks. The face of a warrior has emerged.

Every color deserves its day. Even black, the somber, serious and powerful color, black. But on this Friday, so described as black, remember that black is also elegant. Carry with you on Friday, the elegance of black in all you dealings with others.

And most importantly, reserve these nourishing leftovers from the day before, thanksgiving and gratitude for all your blessings.


"People think that everyone wears black in France: in fact they all wear grey." 

Jean Paul Gaultier

Doesn’t It Feel Good?

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

If you wanted to make someone feel good, how would you accomplish that? Instead of trying to imagine what another person would enjoy, think first about what makes you feel good.

Everyone has their peculiarities. They like mustard on pretzels. Or prefer the color green instead of red. Wine tops beer every time. But consider the similarities we share. What makes you feel good?

      Being called by your name.

      Getting a sincere compliment.

      Receiving an unexpected gift.

All simple gestures that feel wonderful and boost you self esteem. What everyone likes is to be noticed and appreciated. How many times in your day could you make the effort to remember someone's name and repeat it back to them? When you notice that a person looks great wearing a particular color, why not tell them? Next time you see a little something in the store and think to yourself, "she would love that," add it to your purchases and make her day.

What do you like?

To feel good. Pass it on.


"Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around"

Leo Buscaglia

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