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Prediction for the New Year

Sunday, December 29th, 2013

As this year draws to a close, our final rainbow color, Violet, is reflected in December’s frosty view. The days grow shorter and daylight is precious. The long shadows on the snowy ground appear to cast a violet hue. Soft, tranquil, still.

 clock faceViolet, found on the lowest arc of the rainbow, is the color comprised of the shortest wavelengths of light that our eyes can see. Ultra-violet is the term for the wavelengths of light beyond our view.

Is it coincidence that the Color of the Year for 2014 announced this very month happens to be Radiant Orchid? You’re already seeing the hue in spring clothing and decorative home décor. This close cousin of Violet will grow in popularity, I predict.

Why? You see, Violet or Radiant Orchid, are colors associated with enlightenment. In Eastern belief, the Chakras, or power centers of the body are assigned a gradation of color, much like the rainbow. The highest color at the top of the head, Violet, is associated with the sixth sense.

The popularity of colors often reflects what is happening in the culture as well as the collective psyche of our planet. The color experts that predict the yearly colors and Pantone, the company that made the Radiant Orchid choice, have an uncanny way of knowing what we are or will be thinking about.

In the coming year I believe we are all ready for a more enlightened way of seeing our lives and responding to the needs of our planet. Uncommon Violet may be just what we need to see, to capture our attention and look at things in a new way.

“Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.”   Mark Twain

It’s True. It’s Blue.

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

Close your eyes and imagine a calm and restful place. Mmmm. What color did you see in your mind? Chances are, a soothing blue colored your thoughts of a perfect place for respite.

Sailboat Under Blue Skies off the Florida CoastA cloudless blue sky.

Gently rolling waves of blue.

We are accustomed to associate blue with positive feelings of contentment and tranquility. That’s why the color blue is often used in the branding by companies that seek to inspire your trust in them, such as banks that want to put you at ease when dealings with them.

If you want others to feel relaxed and receptive when around you, wear blue clothing. You will appear more approachable and friendlier than if you choose to wear stoic black.

So it is with the month of August. Who doesn’t relish the comfortable days of August? The rainbow hue of blue that describes this month reminds us to enjoy the fleeting days of summer.

Relax while you can. You’ve waited all year for this time of vacation, walks on the beach hearing sounds of lapping waves, lying back in the grass to behold the immenseness of the brilliant blue sky.

It’s not too late to grasp your blue heaven on earth.

It’s true. It’s blue.


“I thank you God for this most amazing day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and for the blue dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes.”    e.e. cummings



A Recipe for Summer Smiles

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

What is no longer green and yet not quite blue? The color of July is a transitional hue on the color wheel that melds the freshness of green with the watery depths of blue.

Is it bluish green or greenish blue?

Turquoise or teal?

Aqua or aquamarine?

IMG_1242 Whatever the name, July marks that time of the year we can all enjoy. The month of longer days, vacations and relaxation, July is represented by the artful blending of tranquil green and calming blue.

Imagine the color of calm water as the sand below adds a golden tone. The blue bends slightly toward green to reflect this summery hue. One of my most memorable aqua sightings is in the wake of a ship cutting through the depths. The foamy rush of trailing water produces a magnificent blue green color I’ve seen nowhere else.

Green and blue, two universally favored colors, combine for this favorite time of year.  It’s no surprise this greenish bluish combination is universally becoming on anyone who wears it.

Since color is an efficient barometer to predict our feelings, being surrounded by a hue that creates feelings of well being is necessarily reflected in your face.

Are you smiling now?

“More varied than any landscape was the landscape in the sky, with islands of gold and silver, peninsulas of apricot and rose against a background of many shades of turquoise and azure.”  Cecil Beaton


June the Month of Excess

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

The summer solstice of June guarantees excessive daylight of the longest day of the year. At no other time is the color green in nature so extreme.

vine leaf backgroundTraveling to northern climes, the color of June is unmistakable. Here, long rays of the sun coax leaf laden trees and dense grasses to display an exuberant hue I’ve missed in Key West.

Sure, palm tree fronds are green, as are the leafy backdrops to colorful hibiscus and bougainvillea. Yet, when the climate never changes, neither does the perennial green. The eyes get accustomed to the same multicolored views every day.

After months of bare branches and dried, brown landscapes, when bountiful warm sunshine calls all living things to “grow, grow, grow,” the enthusiastic summer celebration begins, clothed in resplendent green.

More daylight.

More green.

More reminders to notice life in vivid color.

Take time to see and appreciate the vibrancy of all living things- and that includes you. The sunshine is calling you to grow as well.

At this halfway point of the year, we are also half way through the rainbow colors of the year. We began with the warmest hues, variations of red, orange, and yellow.

As this month comes to a close, watch as the lively green becomes more subdued. Prepare for the cooling influences of the rainbow colors yet to come.  As with any excess, it is tempered by contrast.


“What is one to say about June, the time of perfect young summer, the fulfillment of the promise of the earlier months, and with as yet no sign to remind one that its fresh young beauty will ever fade.”

Gertrude Jekyll

It’s Official- the Color of the Year

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

It's official, the Color of the Year for 2013 is the top story of every media outlet; online, television, magazines and e-zines. But it wasn't always so.

Unless you were a color fanatic, as I confess to being, this yearly "news" was largely unnoticed by the masses. The color powers that be have dutifully made their proclamation every year for decades without much fanfare.

It wasn't until that certain favored hue started to appear everywhere in the stores did the buying public notice what looked like a trend. "Why is everything pink this year?" you may have wondered in 2011 as Honeysuckle was the color of that year.

That was just a year after we were awash in watery Turquoise for 2010, and bathed in the sunlight of Mimosa yellow in 2009. I'll bet you have at least one Tangerine Tango home accessory item or piece of clothing in this year's exuberant riot of color.

Rainbow colors all get a turn at notoriety eventually, and many hues in between. Even an odd neutral color, Sand Dollar, had the yearly honor in 2006.

Creating the Color of the Year adds to the excitement of color selection. (Told you I'm fanatical.) Proclaimed by the authority on color, Pantone is best known for their innovative system of identifying, matching and communicating colors that is used throughout the world. Through a numeric system, the same red or any other color can be reproduced with exactness.

So should we all survive to see 2013, enjoy the newest hue in the coming year. It's already turning up at stores near you.

Oh, in the off chance that you don't know yet, the 2013 Color of the Year is Emerald.

Dorothy was smitten by it. As you will be too.


"Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises."
Pedro Calderon de la Barca

What Could Be Simpler?

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

What does a simpler life and making more discerning life choices have to do with color? Perspective. We're blessed with a myriad of color choices in every part of life, from toothbrushes to paint colors. 

Does that dizzying array of choices make your life simpler? Ever long for the days of a single color option- a black phone, solid white sheets, red lipstick? 

How do you choose color? 

Do you pick the popular hue? If you see it on the fashion runways and on the celebrity red carpet it's a sure bet that hot color will be yours for the choosing on clothing racks, furniture, even on cars in the near future.

Opting for the latest trend, just like signing on for yet another life experience, may be taking you away from your true self. Color has personal meaning for each of us and has an effect on how you feel about yourself.

When you wear a color that speaks to you, or you're surrounded by your best colors in your home or work environment, your spirits are lifted, you look and feel your best.

Your color creates a glow from the inside out.

Check your closet for a reoccurring color. (Disregard your black clothing. That's another topic.) You will naturally be drawn to a color that feels good to you.

What color gets you compliments when you wear it? What color chair do you choose to sit in when entering a room? Listen to your color intuition.

Color trends are commonly followed by those unwilling to be themselves. See the proof by noticing people in the media or on the streets. Who do you think found “their color” and who is the victim of a trend? 

Isn't life all about self discovery and finding what satisfies you? 

The more I learn and study about the effects of color, I am convinced the outer environment we create for ourselves mirrors the image of our inner selves.

Are you guarded or shy around others?

Are you always looking for approval? 

By your appearance, clothing, work and home environments, you declare to the world your level of self acceptance.

Success starts with how you see yourself. 

Live simply. Reflect your best self with color that says YOU.

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