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Create the Best Memorial

Monday, May 26th, 2014

Remember Today

A memorial is defined as “something designed to preserve the memory of a person, event, etc., as a monument or a holiday.” The word is on everyone’s lips today. This day is set aside for the very purpose of remembering.

As if any human mind needs to be reminded of the past.

Our lives are a compilation of past events and remembrances. We use those memories constantly to justify our beliefs and to dictate our actions. Some of us choose to live in those “good old days” and discount the importance of the Now, of the moment we are in.

The events of our past are effective as tools for learning. What did we do in the past that brought us closer to our goals? Remembering that action will help us continue to succeed.

What misstep in our past produced an unfortunate result? The lesson we learned is always good to remember. Staying mired in the bad feelings, thoughts of inadequacy, of hopelessness, do not serve our highest good.

Allowing ourselves to live fearfully because of a past event will color our present choices with a veil of negativity. Keep the wheat; let go of the chaff.

As noted by Edmund Burke, “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”
Remember and honor those today who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. Celebrate all who continue to represent your interests.

Use the Now of this day to put those valuable lessons to use and move forward to create your life as a testament to the good that has been accomplished by those who have gone before you.

Your life, well lived is the finest Memorial.

What’s Significant About this Day?

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

You may all be celebrating this day as "National One Hit Wonder Day." I'll admit I can hear "Do You Love Me?" by the Contours playing in my head, "…now-that-I-can-dance…." But something else occurred on this day in history that has had an even longer lasting impression on me.

On September 25, 1981, Sandra Day O'Connor was sworn in as the first woman Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. I remember watching the story on the nightly news and thinking, "This is really something, a woman in a man's world."

Pushing into uncharted territory was definitely my inspiration when I signed up for the all male drafting class in my high school. At first I was told it wasn't allowed. When I pressed for an explanation, "Why not?" of course there was no reason. It just hadn't been done.

There were days in class it would have been much easier to be studying Homemaking instead of Drafting. The teasing from my male classmates was relentless- until they could finally see, I could do the work. Many times, better work.

I wonder if Sandra Day O'Connor endured a similar hazing from her fellow judges until she proved herself.

That was over thirty years ago. "We've come a long way, baby," or have we? Wouldn’t you think by now, the make up of highest court in the land would be truly representational of this country’s population?

As of the 2010 census, our population of 314,445,287 consisted of 50.8% women and 49.2% men. Yet the Supreme Court currently includes 3 women and 6 men. The number of female Justices represents only one third, not one half of the population.

Equality in representation is something I feel strongly about. But the underlying reasons for this disparity is where my passion is strongest. Why are women's voices not being heard?

The statue of Lady Justice presiding over our courts, is depicted by the Roman goddess, Justitia. She balances the scales of truth and fairness and holds a double-edged sword, to symbolize the power of reason and justice.

Any woman who has mediated her children's quarrels knows justice to be one of her necessary strengths. Women are innately qualified for the top judicial position, as well as any other position of authority.

Why isn't our Congress represented by a 50/50 mix? Why isn't the Presidency alternated each term between a male and a female leader? Because it isn't done.

Too many times women are told "No" and they believe it.

Woman are made to feel incompetent in subtle ways that erode self confidence and causes them to question if they are fit to compete as equals.

This is what I know. The universe does not discriminate. We are all created equally human, with the same heart, mind and soul. The chromosomes may look different but our humanity is the same.

If any of us, female or male, sees our self as less than or more than another human, that is an illusion. An illusion that does not exist outside your own mind.

What if girls were told at an early age, "go for it, you can do it, you must do it" and boys were taught to have equal respect for girls? That would be a joyous beginning.

Are there ways are you needlessly questioning or doubting your own competence? Approve of yourself first. You are a remarkable person.

I'm looking forward to celebrating the day in history when our representation mirrors our population and our culture.

Because it can be, it must be done.


"I owed it to my father that I was elected to Parliament in the first place, but I owed it to my mother that I stuck it out once I got there. "
Agnes Macphail






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