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Create the Best Memorial

Monday, May 26th, 2014

Remember Today

A memorial is defined as “something designed to preserve the memory of a person, event, etc., as a monument or a holiday.” The word is on everyone’s lips today. This day is set aside for the very purpose of remembering.

As if any human mind needs to be reminded of the past.

Our lives are a compilation of past events and remembrances. We use those memories constantly to justify our beliefs and to dictate our actions. Some of us choose to live in those “good old days” and discount the importance of the Now, of the moment we are in.

The events of our past are effective as tools for learning. What did we do in the past that brought us closer to our goals? Remembering that action will help us continue to succeed.

What misstep in our past produced an unfortunate result? The lesson we learned is always good to remember. Staying mired in the bad feelings, thoughts of inadequacy, of hopelessness, do not serve our highest good.

Allowing ourselves to live fearfully because of a past event will color our present choices with a veil of negativity. Keep the wheat; let go of the chaff.

As noted by Edmund Burke, “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”
Remember and honor those today who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. Celebrate all who continue to represent your interests.

Use the Now of this day to put those valuable lessons to use and move forward to create your life as a testament to the good that has been accomplished by those who have gone before you.

Your life, well lived is the finest Memorial.

A Week of Progress

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Doesn't seem like only a week ago, we were toasting the New Year and, with bright eyes, we were looking forward to the new possibilities for 2013. How's that going for you?

woman on dockOther than writing last year's date, have you released all that held you back, the doubts, the "what ifs," the can't be done attitude you repeatedly retreated to when confronted by a new idea?

Or is this first week of the new year a continuum of last year's excuses?

If I only had more time.

If I didn't have these other responsibilities.

The flip of the calendar page means nothing if you're not ready to turn the page and begin the next chapter of your life. 

Taking the lessons learned in the previous twelve months, garnering the best advice, and listening to the still small voice inside yourself, your new year will take you far beyond the last. For many years I have followed this significant tradition.

On New Year' Day, I excitedly open my new planner and record the pertinent information from my last planner. Birthdays, anniversaries, and other dates to remember are filled in, along with appointments and schedules committed to in the future.

I then review the notes I made in the previous year; ideas, observations and goals.

Are they still relevant?

What was accomplished?

What needs more attention this year?

This January ritual is helpful to organize the coming year. Yet it is also an exercise is congratulating myself for what I have done and how I have progressed over the past year.

I am eager to fill in the new pages with my plans and to document each day's accomplishments. Acknowledge all that gets you where you are today.

Remember this New Year is only days old. The dawn is still barely lighting your morning sky. Be kind to yourself and begin today to plan your life this year.

This calls for something new. Be new.

"Life stands before me like an eternal spring with new and brilliant clothes."
Carl Friedrich Gauss

Up In Flames

Sunday, January 6th, 2013

A New Year tradition at the Unity Spiritual Center is a ceremony called "Burning Bowls." In this early part of the year, as we tend to look at our life with the intention of improving, our self inspection also calls attention to frailties of character and bad habits that have impeded our progress. New Year's resolutions, after all, are all about making changes.

abstract fire on blackThe only way to improve is to change.

The best way to change is to release the things in our life that do not serve us.

The tradition of the Burning Bowls is a three step process. First, write down on paper those thoughts and feelings that have gotten in your way the past year. What, if no longer in your life, would free you to be the person you want to be?

Some examples may be-

Self doubt



A sense of lack

Make your list truthfully. It's for your eyes only.

Next, light a flame in a fireproof container, a burning bowl, a fireplace or chiminea. Consciously and with intention release the paper into the fire.

As your words are consumed by the cleansing flames, feel the lightness in your body. Those troubling thoughts and feelings have been released. You now have the space in your heart and in your conscious mind to replace what held you back with what you intend to create this new year.

Write a list of the things you will accomplish. With nothing to inhibit your progress, what unlimited goals can you create? Include the attributes that you now claim as your own to help you on your way.





This list describes the new you, free from whatever used to hold you back. A new You for the New Year.

The final step is to write a note of gratitude to yourself and to a higher power for the accomplishment of all you intend to be and to do. Write the note with the feelings and enthusiasm you would have in reaching your goals.

Seal this note in an envelope to be opened at the end of this year. Tuck it away with your holiday decorations, or give it to a friend who will return it to you eleven months from now.

Why? To experience the sense of amazement and gratitude when you read your note. The person you aspire to be is the person who will be reading your thank you note.

A few weeks ago, I opened and read the note I wrote to myself in January of last year. There are no coincidences. What I sought and was grateful for receiving at that time, is now in my life.

What you imagine, what you intend, you create.

Release what does not serve you and create the life you choose. Let the power of the flame obliterate the obstacles.

Your own power to create is limitless.


"Sometimes you get the best light from a burning bridge."
Don Henley

Day Twenty Two of the 30 Day Gratitude Challenge

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

  Pride is a form of gratitude I feel on the twenty second day of the 30 Day Gratitude Challenge. If the Olympic trials have captured your attention this week, you will understand.

Gymnast, Jordyn Wieber earned her place on Team USA to represent all of us who have had a dream and persisted until reaching the goal. This  young woman  from Michigan has many more goals to keep her inspired.

She has proven that technical skill will take you far, but belief in yourself will make you unstoppable.

Thank you, Jordyn, and all the shining examples of achievement that represent what is possible for us all, if we believe.

Be inspired!

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