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Mary Ellen Lapp

About Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen Lapp is an expert in self esteem and advising people how to get great results in their lives through the effective use of color.

Mary Ellen began to examine color early in life as she vividly recalls, at the age of eight, cutting out pictures from magazines and catalogs and arranging them by coordinating the colors. She explains her lifelong observation and study of color simply, “Color is my Life”.

As a business owner and professional for over 25 years, Mary Ellen combined her expertise in art, interior design, and color consultation to create life enhancing colorscapes for the interior spaces of clients.

In addition to crafting physical spaces, Mary Ellen works with clients to create their own personal color identity to attract positive outcomes in their lives. Mary Ellen Lapp is a Certified LifeSuccess Consultant and Coach. Her interaction with clients explores the integral link between their self image and life results.

As an international professional speaker and empowering motivator, Mary Ellen communicates her unique message about color’s profound impact on personal, professional, and emotional wellbeing and self esteem.

Mary Ellen is a published author of the book, “The Color of Success, Why Color Matters in your Life, your Love, your Lexus” as well as many articles on the influences of color. She is a quoted expert on the effective use of color and she is accredited by the premier color organization, the International Association of Color Consultants / Designers (IACC-NA).

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Mary Ellen Lapp reveals how the colors we wear, and the colors that surround us, even the color of the car we drive, impact out self image and affects how we are seen by the people around us.

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