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The Color of Success

How self esteem determines personal success, how to achieve increased self esteem through the effective use of color, and how to use your feelings of success to live the life of your dreams.

Your audience will learn:

  • How to avoid the most common color mistakes that sabotage your self esteem
  • How to develop your personal color identity to feel great about yourself
  • Why you must tune into your feelings about color for optimum personal success….and the real reason most people don’t
  • How to be color confident in every situation
  • The secrets color professionals use to create the WOW factor

From my own life experience and the study of human nature, I realize learning is most effective when the participants are comfortable and relaxed. Liking and trusting the speaker creates that type of environment.

For these reasons, my speaking style is conversational and lively. I want the participants to see me as a real life example of the effective use of color, not as an “unapproachable expert” that expounds about something they could never do themselves. Believability is the key.

Mary Ellen on Stage

My program is all about feeling good about your self, so I want participants to feel as though they learned useable information and got answers to their individual concerns.

Fee Schedule

Topics Include: The Color of Success Training

Keynote Speech (up to 60 Minutes) in USA $5,000

Full Day Program in USA $7,500

Deposits: 50% of Speaking Fee is required to confirm date. Remaining 50% Payment is due within 30 days after speech. 5% discount if full payment is received in advance of program.

Travel Expenses: Travel Expenses will be added to speaking fee. Unrestricted round trip coach airfare, ground transportation, and moderate meals. Hotels should be guaranteed for late arrival and billed directly to your organization.

Cancellation Policy: If the program is cancelled for any reason more than sixty (60) days prior to the agreed date, it’s our policy to reschedule (within 12 months) for the same fee. Should you be forced to cancel the program sixty days or less before the date of the program the full speaking fee is due and payable by the date of the original program.

Note: All Video/Audio Rights are negotiable.

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Mary Ellen Lapp reveals how the colors we wear, and the colors that surround us, even the color of the car we drive, impact out self image and affects how we are seen by the people around us.

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