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Your Success Depends On This!

  • 6 Ways to Boost your Success Instantly with Color
  • 3 Signs You’re a Color Victim
  • The Truth about Basic Black
  • When is More Color Less Appealing?
  • Turn Yourself into a Success Magnet with High Impact Color

Why Does Color Matter in your Life?

Color is the first and most memorable thing we see.

Color is your signature.

Color gets you noticed.

Your success depends on being noticed.

How do you know if you’re being noticed for the right or wrong reasons?

Color keeps you in an environment of positive movement toward your success, if you use color to your best advantage.

Success starts with how you see yourself.

Color impacts your self image as well as how you are seen by others.

Mary Ellen will work with you, one on one, to show you how the link between your thoughts and your feelings create your results.

See a dramatic improvement in your life when she shows you how to effectively use color throughout your life.

Monthly Coaching


–  Preliminary Color Assessment via phone & photos
 – Includes once monthly 30 minute phone consultation to track your progress
 – Weekly email Color Cues assignment

Need more help?

Contact Mary Ellen for a personal Color Review of your home or your wardrobe.

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Mary Ellen Lapp reveals how the colors we wear, and the colors that surround us, even the color of the car we drive, impact out self image and affects how we are seen by the people around us.

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