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What is The Color of Success?

Jennifer eagerly surveys a well stocked display table piled high with the season’s newest sweaters. The soft textures and assortment of colors entice her to select several sweaters to try on. She scoops them up and hurries off to the fitting room.

The red one, the blue one, the pink, the green, each is lovelier than the last. Jennifer’s shoulder length, sandy colored hair and creamy skin are perfectly suited for vibrant color. How will she make her choice?

Pam, the sales associate, helpfully comments to Jennifer as she stands before the mirror, “That one brings out the color of your eyes.”

“Hmm, she’s right about that,” Jennifer nods. The cerulean blue reminds her of the ocean she visited on her tropical vacation last year. Her eyes sparkle as they reflect the soothing blue.

“That’s a great color with your skin tone”, Pam adds as Jennifer models another sweater.

“Yes, I do feel more cheerful in this color.” The chili pepper red color makes her face glow. She stands a little taller as she admires her striking reflection.

Back in the fitting room, Jennifer slowly redresses as she considers her choices. “I like them all,” then she hesitantly admits, “I just don’t know which color is really me.”

Returning the pile of sweaters back to the display table, Jennifer has a single selection in hand.

Pam is surprised as she processes the transaction. “How did you select that one?” she asks Jennifer, and muses to herself, “What is she thinking?”

Jennifer just smiles and shrugs in reply, “I wear a lot of this color.” Leaving the store, shopping bag in hand, she admonishes herself and sighs, “I did it again, another beige sweater”.

Sound familiar? Is Jennifer just being practical by making a neutral color choice, or is she withholding from herself an opportunity for success?

Everyone has his own individual atmosphere. Like each flower has its distinctive aroma, we each have things about us that make us memorable. One of those things is color. What we see, we remember. Color is what we most easily see. Describe the person across the room from you. Invariably you will mention the color of their complexion, clothing, eyes, or hair. All of these colorful attributes create your personal atmosphere.

You create the colorscape around you. The colors you wear, the colors you surround yourself with in your home, your work area, even the vehicle you drive are a result of you actively choosing your environment.

To control your own colorscape, first become comfortable with color and what colors mean to you. Learn how color evokes a mood. Discover your own best colors, and surround yourself with the colors that are right for you. Feel good about color and color will keep you feeling good.

Are you drawn to a color, yet not giving yourself permission to wear it or live with it? Your level of self esteem, your decisiveness, your values, are all manifested through color. If you’re holding yourself back from color, what else are you withholding from the world?

Only you can be you.

Celebrate your uniqueness with color that speaks to you.

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Mary Ellen Lapp reveals how the colors we wear, and the colors that surround us, even the color of the car we drive, impact out self image and affects how we are seen by the people around us.

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