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The Waterfall Doesn’t

After visiting my hometown a few weeks ago, this week it was my husband's turn to look for the remnants of his childhood home. A theme revisited, looking for what was.

What made this visit so special? Keith's oldest daughter came along to enjoy his tour of Indian Falls.

"Is there really a waterfall?" was her first question.

"Of course."

We parked near a ravine obscured by the overgrowth of trees and bushes. A rail fence rimmed the overlook. Pushing aside the greenery, we strained to look below to view the falls.

"There, over there," he pointed.

An outcropping of jagged stone stood tall above the floor of the ravine. At the bottom, a narrow stream of water flowed over the smooth, flat rocks. A young boy waded in a calm pool of water.

"But where are the falls?" We peered again and listened for the sound of falling water.

Where are the falls? Where indeed.

The once formidable rushing fall of water had, over the years, become a subtle stream.  An unseasonably warm and dry summer in Western New York had obliterated the Indian Falls. 

The waterfall doesn't – yet the memories of happy times climbing on the rocks and splashing below the falls were as vivid as yesterday. Father and daughter enjoyed the retelling of his boyhood adventures.

She followed the steep path down to the waters edge to be in that place that meant so much to her dad. 

What a marvelous gift the memory can be when it brings a smile to the face and a sharing across generations. Falls or not, you can't take those away.

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One Response to “The Waterfall Doesn’t”

  1. debra disman says:

    A lovely moment, MEL!
    Disconcerting to think that the once mighty falls have been reduced to a trickle though…a sad commentary on global warming?
    Thank you for sharing….

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