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Everything in Life Happens for a Reason

Everything in life happens for a reason. If you're struggling to discover why the current state of the economy is the way it is, think of it this way. This experience may hold a lesson for you.

Focus on all you have and how to enjoy it. Instead of getting the next new thing, it's OK to work with what you have, in your home and in your closet. Discover how to see things in a new way.

A simple way to see things differently is to take a photo. Just like looking at a picture of a room in a magazine, when you observe your own space in a photo, it distances you enough to be more objective. You see things you didn't notice while standing in the room.

The colors, the arrangement of the furniture, picture placement on the walls- what stands out? What obviously needs updating?

It could be a simple fix, like a can of paint, to create a color focus in your room. Or try moving a large piece of furniture to another wall. Relocate pictures and accessories from room to room. You will notice beautiful nuances you have overlooked for years.  

The photo technique works equally as well for your wardrobe. Try on an outfit in good lighting and snap the picture. When you see a photo of yourself it's easier to tell if that color or style is flattering.

Does the look reflect the real you? If not, declutter your closet and pass the item along to someone else.

Maybe the color is good, but something is missing. Experiment by adding some long forgotten jewelry. You probably have something in the bottom of a drawer from another decade. It may just be back in style.

As life observer, Wayne Dyer, reminds us, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Gain a new appreciation for all you have and enjoy your new perspective!

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  1. Rea Erebia says:

    Very interesting how many options tourism offers to fulfill any kind of need. I am sure it is a good option for some and even very healthy, but a bit funny if you think about it…

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