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And the Winner Is…

We’re blessed with a myriad of color choices in every part of life, from toothbrushes to paint colors. Does that dizzying array of choices make your life simpler? Ever long for the days of a single color option- a black phone, solid white sheets, red lipstick?


How do you choose color?


Do you pick the popular hue? If you see it on the fashion runways and on the red carpet it’s a sure bet that hot color will be yours for the choosing on clothing racks, furniture, even on cars in the near future.


Opting for the latest trend may be taking you away from your true self. Color has personal meaning for each of us and has an effect on how you feel about yourself. When you wear a color that speaks to you, or you’re surrounded by your best colors your spirits are lifted, you look your best. “Your Color” creates a glow from the inside out.


Check your closet for a reoccurring color. (Disregard your black clothing. That’s another topic.) You will naturally be drawn to a color that feels good.  What color gets you compliments when you wear it? What color chair do you choose to sit in when entering a room? Listen to your color intuition.


Color trends are followed by those unwilling to be themselves. See the proof on the red carpet at the Academy Awards Sunday. Who do you think found “Their Color” and who was the victim of a trend? Let me know your thoughts.

3 Responses to “And the Winner Is…”

  1. Reyes says:

    Hey I stumbled upon your website by mistake when i was searching Yahoo for this subject, I have to tell you your blog is very helpful I also like the style, it is beautiful!

  2. Donna Frasca says:

    Check you closet for reoccurring color? Funny, I just posted the colors of my closet and there is not one stick of black in there. It's interesting because most of my designer friends on facebook said that their wardrobe was mostly neutrals and black. How can that be when you're representing color and design? 

  3. It was my pleasure locating your site last night. I arrived here this day hoping to get something new. I was not disappointed. Your well thought out ideas for new approaches on this subject matter were helpful and a good help to us. Thank you for having time to write down these things as well as sharing your mind.

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