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The First of Many

Chirpy birds greeted me this morning as I opened the sliding door. My vista of blue skies and brilliant sunshine announced the glorious first day of April. My Birthday.

Two Boys and a Girl (8-12) Blowing Out Candles on a Birthday CakeGrowing up in Michigan, what the first day of April brought was not as predictable. Planning a Birthday party for myself and a dozen friends could mean outdoor games on the lawn beside the crocuses and daffodils. The warm spring breeze carried out shrieks and giggles throughout the neighborhood.

As we sat at the rickety folding table, on chairs decorated with crepe paper, I blew out the candles on my colorful cake, lovingly homemade by my aunt. After an off key rendition of Happy Birthday was sung, we devoured the cake with huge scoops of ice cream.

But just as common, an April snowstorm could keep we young revelers inside. The folding table fit snugly into the living room, leaving little room for play. We braved the cold for a snowball fight when we became too rambunctious inside. The friends did not mind the cramped quarters and the cake was just as good.

Today, I realize that everyday is just how we make it.

Sunshine or snow.

And my sister still called me to sing Happy Birthday, off key.


"God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well." Voltaire

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