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Reason to Celebrate

Leonardo da Vinci described it as the driving force of all nature.  Not a day goes by that you and I are not intimately connected to its powers of refreshment and rejuvenation. Whether flowing from a pristine Artesian well or purchased in a three dollar plastic bottle, water is easily  attainable for most of us.

Or is it?

a toddler drinking water from a garden hose Unimaginable as it seems to our pampered way of living, access to clean, drinkable water is not an automatic right for all humanity. This startling fact is the driving force behind the compassionate and grueling work of charity: water.

This munificent organization is about just what its name says. It's sole mission is to apply charitable donations for the procurement of life giving water for all. In the most uninhabitable conditions, wells are drilled, often numerous times, until the goal of drinkable water flows from the earth to supply the parched inhabitants in all corners of the world.

As I watched videos of their Herculean efforts and witnessed the joy on the faces of the grateful recipients, it was easy to write a check as a way to join their celebration. It makes me appreciate my blessings every time I turn on the faucet.

Now I have the opportunity to extend the good feelings and celebration to you. Coming up on my Birthday in just a few days, I'm asking you to be generous- but not to me. Instead, I have pledged my Birthday to the mission of charity: water.

Visit this link, take a sip of your crystal clear water, and be generous.

I thank you on behalf of so many you will help.

Your generosity will ensure that many fellow citizens of earth will continue to have Birthdays, just like you and I.


"Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all."

Nelson Mandela

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