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A Day Past Newness

The second day is not like the first. Do you remember your second kiss? The second time you tried a new dish? Of course not, because the second time, it was no longer a new experience. So on the second day of 2013, your heart did not flutter with new possibilities. On the second day, possibilities either made themselves clear, or they got lost. A lot like those resolutions.

Dawn Other than trying to remember to write the correct date, did today pretty much resemble last year? Nothing really different? But yesterday we had such grand plans for this New Year. I'll remind you of my resolution that I shared with you.

Let's have a fun and fulfilling life.

Feel free to adopt it as your own. No need to give up on those aspirations. It's still January and the pale dawn of the year continues to tint the clouds. You're riding on that top edge of the rainbow. Get comfortable, you have many things to learn from this very young year.

On this second day of the year, it's time to define for yourself, what is fun and fulfilling for you?

To get you started, here's how I describe those resolute feelings for myself.

Fun does not feel like work; fun feels like play.

Fulfilling is not doing what is important to someone else; fulfilling makes me feel more like myself.

A fun and fulfilling life for me is taking time to playfully discover who I am and what makes me come alive. What you are reading today is evidence of my resolution lived. Writing feels like play to me and as I reveal myself to you through words, I am discovering more about myself as well.

Let's have a fun and fulfilling life this new year!

Tell me what pictures that brings to mind for you?

"A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts."
Richard Branson

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